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Are You Thinking of Joining... The Society?

Welcome to Society Barbers – a place veiled in intrigue where grooming transcends a haircut. Nestled discreetly within Duncan BC, we embarked on a mission to bring sophistication to our roots, an oasis of refinement that doesn't take itself too seriously. Society Barbers, a name tinged with a playful twist, embodies a tightly woven tapestry of individuals who cherish both self-care and a sense of belonging.

The atmosphere here is a blend of familiarity and secrecy, beckoning you to unwind, indulge in our café's and bars, and allow the remnants of the day to fall away. Amidst the air of camaraderie, our barbers master the art of personalized craftsmanship, where each appointment is more than a trim – it's an invitation into our SECRET SOCIETY. In silent homage to our Cult symbolism, we extend exclusive considerations to local First Responders and First Nations Members, nurturing a community tapestry that defines us. Within our artfully adorned walls, whispers of shared experiences linger, encapsulating more than just grooming. Join us at Society Barbers, where every encounter is an initiation into our narrative, and together, we reshape the boundaries of grooming and belonging. Just remember, it's NOTACULT; it's a SOCIETY that thrives on exceptionalism. 

This is us.

Find Us:

191 Kenneth St.

Duncan BC



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